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Getting ready to breastfeed and work ideally starts before your baby is born, but even if you've already returned to work, this section contains information about the basics:

Choosing and Buying a Pump
This section describes the many varieties of breastpump available today, with recommendations for which ones are best suited for working mothers.

Hand Expression
Even if you plan to use an electric pump, every mother needs to know the fine art of hand expression. You'll be thankful for these skills on days when you forget a pump part, face a power outage, or are caught away from your baby unexpectedly.

Making Plans with your Employer
Talking to your employer about breastfeeding can be awkward. This section contains some documents you can print out and give to your employer, as well as arguments for why it is in their best interest to support you in breastfeeding your baby

Pumping Basics
Tips for starting to pump, building up a stash of milk, and relaxation for pumping.

Milk Storage
Safe milk storage guidelines from La Leche League. Also includes how to know if your milk has gone bad.

Starting Bottles
Tips for choosing the best bottle for your breastfed baby, when and how to introduce bottles, and tips for the baby who won't take a bottle.

Your first week back
Ideas for making your first week back easier, including a typical schedule for the working and pumping mom and a checklist for packing up your stuff.

How much milk does my baby need?
Find out how much milk to leave in bottles, and how this changes as your baby grows.


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